Shipping & Returns


1. Should nothing different be requested by the customer then the delivery address entered by the customer will be used.

2. The delivery periods stated in the order confirmations or on the website pages apply. KONTRUST has a duty to ensure that the order is delivered within 30 days of the order.

3. If a delivery is not possible to a customer, be it because the customer was not reachable at the provided delivery address, although the time of delivery was within the stated delivery period or if the address provided was incorrect, then the customer will cover the costs of the unsuccessful delivery.

4. The delivery is sent from the KONTRUST stock, the same location where the delivery starts with the delivery company. When the order is in the hands of the delivery company, at the latest when it leaves KONTRUST stock, the risk is in the hands of the customer. The risk is also in the hands of the customer if there is a delay in the delivery due to reasons caused by not being present upon delivery.

5. Delivery and performance mistakes due to acts of God are not the responsibility of KONTRUST. The results of outside influences give KONTRUST the right to delay a delivery or to cancel non completed parts of orders. Acts of God include strike, blockades, import and export restrictions and other national interventions regardless whether they effect directly KONTRUST or distributors to KONTRUST.

6. In the case of effects of acts of God which will cause a delay of a delivery, we will of course inform the customer without delay.


1. All product prices at KONTRUST do not include forwarding charges and are stated in Euros. The prices are valid until otherwise revoked.

2. The retail price is payable upon placement of an order.

3. The customer can only pay the order sum by prepayment.

4. Should the customer delay in paying, KONTRUST has the right to charge interest on the delayed payment to the level of 5%, the recommended rate set by the Austrian National Bank. If KONTRUST chooses to incur a higher rate of interest for delay, KONTRUST has the right to implement this.

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